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Difficult to access for years, now exclusively available here. View digital versions of Iranian newspapers and periodicals capturing key historical events as they happened.

These newspapers and periodicals, many of which have been only partially accessible inside Iran, cover the defining moments from the following three eras:

  • The premiership of Mohammad Mossadegh and the August 1953 coup d'état against his government (1950-53)
  • The 1979 Revolution; and
  • The late 1990s/early 2000s ‘reform era’ of former President Mohammad Khatami.

Containing more than 12,000 pages, the collection is freely accessible without restriction.

List of titles

  • آیندگان, Āyandigān
  • آهنگر, Āhangar
  • اندیشه های رستاخیز, Andīshah hā-yi Rastākhīz
  • فردوسی, Firdūsī
  • علم و زندگی, Ilm va Zindagī
  • ایران باستان, Irān-i Bāstān
  • اتحاد مردم, Ittihād-i Mardum
  • جنبش, Junbish
  • کیهان, Kayhān
  • خاک و خون, Khāk va khūn
  • مردم ایران, Mardum-i Irān
  • ﴾مجاهد ﴿شورا, Mujāhid
  • نبرد زندگی, Nabard-i Zindagī
  • نیروی سوم, Nīrū-yi Sivvum
  • پیغام امروز, Pighām-i Imrūz
  • راه ارانی, Rāh-i Ārānī
  • راه آزادی, Rāh-i Āzādī.
  • راه کارگر, Rāh-i Kārgar.
  • راه مجاهد, Rāh-i Mujāhid
  • رستاخیز, Rastākhīz
  • رستاخیز کارگران, Rastākhīz-i kārgarān
  • سپید و سیاه, Sipı̄d va Sı̄yāh
  • سوگند, Sugand
  • هران مصور, Tihrān Musavvar
  • امت, Ummat